How to advertise on facebook?

How to advertise on facebook

What to know about Facebook?

People can use Facebook to connect with family and friends, share photos and videos, and participate in online communities.

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and a group of other students at Harvard University, and it has since become one of the largest and most popular websites in the world.

Today, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and is a major platform for businesses to advertise and connect with customers.

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is the process of Ads displayed to Facebook users on the Facebook website and mobile app. They are created using Facebook’s advertising platform.

Using Facebook’s advertising platform, companies can create and run advertisements on the Facebook website and mobile app that are shown to users.

Advertisers can target their advertisements to specific individuals based on location, interests, and behaviours, and they can set a budget for their campaign.  Facebook advertising may be a cost-effective means of reaching a large audience and driving results.

What are types of advertising on Facebook, that is now called Meta?

Facebook offers a range of advertising options that businesses can use to reach their target audience:

  1. Image and video ads
  2. Carousel ads
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Instant Experience ads
  5. Collection ads

A bit information about each other:

  1. Image and video ads: An ad that appears on the right-hand side of Facebook or in the news feed of a mobile device is a static image or a video that is displayed to users.
  2. Carousel ads: Carousel ads may be used to present a variety of products or services, tell a story, or show various images or videos.
  3. Sponsored posts: Businesses can publish Facebook posts that are visible to more people through the advertising network’s posts. The type of content, image, video, or other form of content can be used.
  4. Instant Experience ads: Facebook Instant Experience ads can include a range of interactive elements such as images, videos, forms, and carousels, or they can just be full-screen ads that open within the Facebook app when users click on them. These are instant ads that open within the app, and they include a variety of interactive elements such as pictures, videos, forms, and carousels.
  5. Collection ads: A collection ad is a Facebook ad that includes a cover image or video, as well as a list of images to view for more information and buy. Users can view more information and buy the product by clicking on the image in the ad.


How to advertise on facebook ads?

In a little Facebook ads guide you can find the basic steps for creating and running a Facebook ad campaign:

  1. Sign up for a Facebook Ads account
  2. Set up your campaign
  3. Create your ad
  4. Launch your ad
  5. Optimize and adjust your campaign


  1. To create a Facebook advertising campaign, you must sign up for a Facebook Ads account. To do so, you must visit the Facebook Ads website and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. After creating your Facebook Ads account, you’ll need to set up your first campaign. This involves choosing the objective for your ad (such as driving website traffic or generating leads), selecting the target audience for your ad, and setting a budget for your campaign.
  3. You can create an ad using the campaign setup procedure. This entails selecting the format for your ad (such as a single image or a video), creating the ad copy and visuals, and setting the targeting options.
  4. You can post your ad using the “Publish” button after creating it. The Facebook Ads Manager lets you check its performance as well as monitor it.
  5. To optimize your Facebook Ads campaign, use the Facebook Ads Manager to track its performance and make adjustments as needed. You may change the targeting options, adjust the budget, or test different ad formats to see which ones are most effective. To improve its performance, continually optimize your ad campaign may help it perform better.